The kick off of one of the annual athletics events in Spetses Greece

Local events & festivities

Local festivities and events in Spetses, Greece

We recommended many beaches with water sports facilities and various footpaths, if you want to discover your adventurous side, but in Spetses, many events are organized, that are worth attending to.


This traditional fest has made Spetses island famous in the whole world and every year thousands of people enjoy it. It is the representation of the Battle of Spetses, in 1821 and the celebration takes place on the 2nd weekend of September. It is a cultural and religious festival that lasts a week, which climaxes with the representation of a Turkish flagship replica and the simultaneous narration of the events of the 8th September, in an ambience of fireworks.

Spetses mini marathon & Spetsathlon

The events that last three days and take place every year, usually in the beginning or in the middle of October attract amateur and professional athletes from all over the world. The activities include a race of 5 kilometers, which is the “historical” tour of the island and a race of 25 kilometers, the “naturalist” one. There are also swim races and races for children. Spetsathlon is one of the most significant sports events that take place in Spestes and have achieved to win over people from all over the globe. It takes place in May and attracts both professional and amateur athletes that are keen on the magic of our island. There are 4 different trial categories that include swimming, cycling and running.

Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta

This is about one of the most premium International Races using classic Spetses’ boats (Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta,SCYR), established in 2011, having become since then on of the most popular and significant races not only in Greece but globally too. SCYR takes place every summer, usually in June organized by the Yacht Club of Greece under the auspice of the municipality of Spetses and the support of the Spetses Yacht Club