Things to do in Spetses, Greece include exploring the the main port, pictured here as you approach it from the sea


Discover the island through things to do in Spetses, Greece

Francs used to call the island “Isola di Spezie”, which means “the island of aromas” and was the reason why the island is named Spetses, according to tradition. Spetses island is located at the Argosaronic Gulf, across Peloponnese coast and about 60 miles southwest of Athens. Spetses island is a place where time seems to stop. Neoclassic buildings, carriages and the absence of cars, create a unique landscape of a past era. The sea emerges between traditional houses, picturesque streets and the colorful stones that form images from the life of the island and create a magical, breathtaking view. Across the coast, there are lots of beautiful beaches and hidden caves with crystal clear waters, waiting to be discovered. Its rich history, has granted Spetses island with lots of monuments and areas with archaeological or ecological interest. Here you will never get bored… Living!


The cultural identity of Spetses island appears in every corner of the island. Across Spetses island there are many monuments, museums and Archaeological areas that remind us its rich history. The monuments of the past that have been found in Spetses, start from long ago. The shipwreck of Dokos of the Early Helladic period is

Local festivities and events in Spetses, Greece

We recommended many beaches with water sports facilities and various footpaths, if you want to discover your adventurous side, but in Spetses, many events are organized, that are worth attending to. Armata This traditional fest has made Spetses island famous in the whole world and every year thousands of people enjoy it. It is the

Discover the best beaches in Spetses island

Along the city of Spetses there are many magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters, usually with umbrellas and deck beds that can provide to their visitors unique moments of relaxation. Visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches with emerald waters and a unique natural environment, to charge their batteries. You can access these beaches by motorbike, bus,

Information on the island and how to get to Spetses

There are two ways you can access the island of Spetses. By sea and by land. From Piraeus Port, Hellenic Sea Ways Flying Dolphins from Pireaus Port Hellenic Seaways Flying Cats and Aero Highspeeds departure. The duration of the route is about 2,5 to 3 hours, while you can book your tickets directly through our


In Spetses island, entertainment is a fundamental part of everyday life. Bars, club and cafes, restaurants, picturesque taverns and beach bars offer their visitors limitless choices of entertainment. For a coffee or a drink later in the day, Dapia Porto Cafe, at Ntapia port, offers a magnificent sea view and delicious summer cocktails. Its comfortable


For seafood lovers, Tarsanas Restaurant provides its visitors with indulging seafood dishes and fresh fish, along with a terrific sea view in a traditional ambience. Also, the tavern Exedra is located at the old port of Spetses. Despite the fresh fish and seafood, Exedra offers a wide variety of meat dishes, and a terrific fish soup, the restaurant’s specialty.

Another excellent choice at Dapia Port is AGIOS restaurant a small cozy family business with Mediterranean cuisine and top quality meat options.