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The DUX bed

The DUX bed

Wanting to give you the best possible stay that is characterized by nights full of restful sleep, all our bedrooms feature bedding of the Swedish luxury brand ‘Duxiana’ that ensures the ultimate sleeping experience.

Dux Beds have two tiers of bedding. The top one is just the right amount of supple, offering support while taking the shape of your body and embracing it in all the right ways. The bottom one absorbs the waves of even the most sudden of movements, allowing you to rest beside your chosen other and not be bothered by any potential tossing or turning around.

Dux Faruk headboards can be adjusted individually with a remote control. Τhe double bed has one uniform back, but also two separate headboards for independent comfort and relaxation for each individual. At the push of a button, you may adjust your headboard to the perfect position
for reading, watching TV or just relaxing.

The premium sleep experience at Zoe’s Club is further concluded by Dux quilts and pillows made from superior quality feathers and suitable lining material that mimics sleeping on a cloud.